Fushigi Yuugi - Yuu Watase [Special Ending.]

Can we just all take a minute to remember how FREAKING OF A GOOD AMAZING ANIME THIS IS!! Yuu Watase, imagination, love, friendship, story and how she ties in the world’s and story line IS AMAZING, and I love and need to finish Genbu Kaiden!! This anime, has a great cast, story line. I cried, laughed, and watched it through a long time ago, and still will watch it it’s so great :D.

9 whole years since I watched FY, my god how many feelz went through me just now.


Even tumblr ships Zutara.

Ha! XD

HO LY…. XDDDD You’re so awesome and even tumblr knows it!

I finished at long last!! oh these two will be the end of me DX

And this story has just began =w=

Sharah and Chaden are (C) to me.

original size can be found here ——->

Shameless preview #2!! couldn’t help it DX I love her so much <3

but that’s the last preview before the full work. Chaden (hurt and wounded) is on the left. Haha his chin sticks out =w=

Chaden Frost and Sharah are (C) to me. Oh OC, you inspire me so much.

this is shameless preview number 1!!

oh this story gives me so much muse, wish I had more skills to work faster @@

Shahra (previously known as Sherry) is (C) to me. And seems like she will continue dancing around for the time being.


That moment when you realize when your hair is now exactly the same as your first OC. Derp…. I mean it wasn’t very hard to do but…. wow this is weeeeird. 


I found myself belly-dancing. 


Teeth just clanked against the screen while lurching on impulse to bite an asscheek.

DA A$$. *3*

Sneak peek on Sharah’s Character sheet <3

I’m going to have so much fun with her dancing poses and clothes DX *faints*


Day 2 - Euphoria

I just have a lot of feels okay

*3* I’m at loss of words now really

Chaden’s character sheet by *Ayatsuk

New character design sheet, for my new project. Hopefully, I stick to this one long enough DX